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An excellently located hotel in downtown Budapest, close to the UNESCO World Heritage site Andrássy Avenue, Opera House, Jewish quarter and Liszt Ferenc Square.
Kis Diófa St. 13. 1077 Budapest
+36 1 321-1533

A tasty burger on the Király Street
Király St. 8-10 1061 Budapest
+36 20 423 8253
One of the best value for money in Budapest. Non stop service 08.00-24.00. From french toast to duck breast rosé cooked, with rhubarb chutney, on a terrace at the 3 main spots of the city.
Király St. 13. 1075 Budapest
+36 1 878 1350

From the beginning of the 18th century the main street of Teréz város has been the nowadays Király street. The street got its name from an inn called "To The English King" which stood at that end of the street where now the hotel is situated.
Király St. 6 1061 Budapest
+36 1 235-4600

Our apartments are situated right in Budapest centre, in the historical quarter of the capital, only a few minutes walk from Andrassy Boulevard and Deak Square, near to the most famous touristic and world heritage sights such as the St. Stephen Basilica, the Synagogue and the State Opera House.
Király St. 8 1061 Budapest
+36 30 251 7272

A Gardrob clothe store since 2006.
Király St. 42. 1061 Budapest
+36 30 526 6816

We strated to pamper our pets a few years ago and it became obvious that dogs do require to be showered by the loving owners with products of quality and high standard.
Király St. 47. 1077 Budapest
+36 20 429 33 11

Male and Female Hair salon. DISCOUNT with KULTUNIO CARD: 10% (haircut)
Király St. 8-10. 1061 Budapest
+36 30 358 3111

A Sher Textil Kft since 1993. Main activity: qualitative textile distribution.
41. Király St. 1071 Budapest
+36 1 343 2759

The major role of Spirit Home is representing the worldwide well-known, unique and trendsetter home designs on the Hungarian market, with more than 120 brands, from the luxurious to affordable price range.
Király St. 47. 1077 Budapest
+36 1 781 7939
+36 70 251 5152

Renewed drink menu, great prices, friendly atmosphere, nice bartenders.
Király St. 50. 1061 Budapest
+36 70 6773006

Oakley, GoPro, Etnies, Emerica, és Eastpak brand store. sunglasses, shoes, street-, sport- és technical clothing
Király St. 48. 1061 Budapest
+36 1 321 32 50

Old and second hand books, interesting, gifts.
31. Király St. 1077 Budapest
+36 1 352 0229
+36 30 960 4106

Trofea Grill Restaurant (Buda) has the most frequented location at the foot of Margaret Bridge, at a place where there used to be a restaurant even 100 years ago.
30-32. Király St. 1061 Budapest
+36 1 878 0522

This house has history. Of course, that history is closely connected to the history of the street, so first a little background.
20. Király St. 1061 Budapest
+36 1 883 5005

The gallery's mission is to promote the area's emerging contemporary artists and to integrate them into the international art scene by continuing its increasingly active presence at foreign art fairs, and by forgoing partnerships with other international galleries. The gallery’s newly created Panel Contemporary (project room) aims to provide an innovative platform for independent art works and focus on new tendencies.
25 Bartók Béla Street, 1114 Budapest
+36 1 209 36 35, +36 20 212 92 29

Fiók is an alternative design stationary shop offering a wide selection of art, technical, design and office products.
1 Csíky Street, 1111 Budapest
+36 70 938 6237

Come to the heart of the 11. districts into the wonderful world of Gross Arnold. He was a graphic artist and copper engraver. Until you have a look at his wonderful work you can also have a coffee and some very tasteful pastries. Come and get closer to his art and have some knowledge about copper engraving.
46 Bartók Béla Street, 1111 Budapest
+36 70 338 7001

The legendary cafe reopened its doors in 2010. This was the main hangout where Karinthy, Kosztolányi, Déry and other iconic art figures spent their time and composed some of their art work. So come and feel this atmosphere!
36 Bartók Béla Street, 1111 Budapest
+36 1 279 0290

Part of the ground floor has two main functions : + book exchange site cafe . This system is a non-profit after years of successfully operating in many parts of the world ' takeone - leaveone ' book swapping improved system . The gallery section - and has been in the coffee shop - works photo gallery, 3-4 alternating weekly exhibitions.
29 Bartók Béla Street, 1114 Budapest
+ 36 20 456 55 07

11-13 Bartók Béla Street, 1114 Budapest
We provide you tailor-made solutions to your corrective needs, both in eye examination and in the selection of your glasses, contact lenses and sunglasses that fit your style and dreams. We await you with a wide choice of domestic and international products.
30 Bartók Béla Street, 1111 Budapest
+36 30 416 4990

The biggest child bookstore is waiting for you! The store is almost 200 sqm and there are lots of books and toys for the children. We opened our store in 2014 at the Buda side.
5 Bartók Béla Street, 1114 Budapest
+36 70 88 31 888

2 Bartók Béla Street, 1111 Budapest
+36 20 313 2000
It's not a secret. The address of the gallery was the inspiration for the name (Három Hét means 'three seven', but in Hungarian it can also be understood as 'three weeks'). Later we played with the numbers three and seven and decided to use them in the profile of the gallery. From this came the idea that at 7pm on the third day of the third week of every month something unprecedented will happen at Három Hét Gallery.
37 Bartók Béla Street, 1114 Budapest
+36 70 866 4222

Close or open your day at us! We serve croissants, macchiato, bagel, ham and eggs in the morning. Then you can find ciabatta, caprese salad, raspberry, elder and levendule syrup with club sandwiches before noon.
corner of Bukarest and Ulaszlo Street, 1116 Budapest
+361 209 3070

VITRIN is the brainchild of Zoltán Orbán and Krisztián Szetei, founders of the Solinfo design dealership and Dóra Fónagy, a Budapest-based designer and architect.
20 Bartók Béla Street, 1111 Budapest
+36 70 3166329

Wine and Crafts Shop Workroom Gallery
8 Bartók Béla Street, 1111 Budapest

7 Móricz Zsigmond Square, 1114 Budapest
+36 70 509 5110

The 2B contemporary art gallery was founded by András Böröcz and László Böröcz in February 2002 in an apartment in District 3 of Budapest.
Ráday utca 47, Dist.9
+36 20 9939361
Ráday utca 34
Ráday utca 41
Book Buying Service
18. Ráday Street 1092 Budapest
+36 (1) 308-7545

Our exhibitions in plan: 2015. Sárközi Antal painter 2015. 04. 30 – 05.15. Boros Mátyás artist 2015. 05. 20 – 06.12. Deim Pál artist 2015. 06. 17 – 07. 10.
47. Ráday Street 1092 Budapest,
+36 1 216 7495
+36 20 581 2879

The Artemide Group (certification ISO 9001 and ISO 17025) is one of the global leaders of the residential illumination sector and high end professionals. Situated at Pregnana Milanese, the Artemide Group has an ample international distribution presence in which the single brand showrooms sprouts in the most important cities in the world and the "shop in shop" in the most prestigious illumination and furniture shops.
45. Ráday Street
Eastern Europe and Turkish restaurant
49. Ráday Street 1092 Budapes
Cafe Intenzo opened its doors in 2003. It's a very family centred cafe with Hungarian and international courses.
9 Kálvin Square, 1091 Budapest
+36 1 219 5243

If you have some time in the city, please visit us for a good lunch or dinner! You won't be disappointed. You can be alone or with company, our restaurant is the best place for you. Don't forget your lapotop at home because you can use internet via our WIFI connection. On our wide-screen TV you can enjoy the best sport events as well!
8. Kálvin square 1091 Budapest,
+36 1 215-1215

Denomination: roman catholic
13. Bakáts square 1092 Budapest
+36 1 217-0214

Friendly atmosphere restaurant and terrace gives home to the traditional Hungarian and the international kitchen.
35. Ráday Street 1092 Budapest
+36 1 216 1577

Ráday utca 41/a
papír bolt
Ráday utca 39
We strive each day to give the meaning to this word that represents our values: the quality without compromises, masterful tastes, the artistic presentation, the attention to details, a mindful service, a pleasant atmosphere and an informal and calm fine dining experience.
1092 Budapest, Ráday utca
+36 1 2190696 (9.00-19.30 között)

Handmade dolls with porcelain hand-painted faces, in traditional Hungarian costumes or Victorian attire. Only natural fibers used; dolls can be made to order.
1092 Budapest, Ráday utca 14.
+36 1 213-8295

Fragola craftsman ice cream shop
1092 Budapest, Ráday u. 14.
+36 (30) 612 3080

We are helping the German language accuirement and the international cultural cooperation.
1092 Budapest, Ráday utca 58
+36 1 374-4070

The collection of Helytörténeti contains more than 13 thousand pictures, about 1,5 thousand library book and about 5000 small prints. Moreover you can find 300 subject from the last century.
18. Ráday Street 1092 Budapest
+36 1 218-7420

You will like, iF you come in. Genuine atmosphere of Budapest - Ecellent Hungarian cuisine - Best Hungarian wines and spirits.
19. Ráday Street 1092 Budapest
+36 1 299 0694

Ice Cream Shop with own recipes.
1092 Budapest, Ráday utca 15.

MAMO made gelato by following the tradition of Italian gelato makers. Fresh milk, sugar, seasonal fruit and the best raw materials are used everyday by our chef to make gelato, parfait, ice pops, delicius cakes and many other products...
24/b Ráday Street,1092 Budapest
+36 70 649 1623

We are located at Ráday utca 33, just of Kinizsi utca on the Danube side.
31 Ráday Street, 1092 Budapest
+36 1 215 8079
+36 20 614 8710 (Delivery)

Sandwiches in every form and way, pancakes and other delicious foods, come and try us.
7 Ráday Street, 1092 Budapest
+36 1 218 1673

The best cakes, more than 50 years.
1092 Budapest, Ráday utca 53.
+36 1 215-8776

The ONE Fashion Agency & Retail is a continuously growing company, which assembles the Hungarian designers. Our aim is to increase the reputation of the Hungarian talents on local and also on the international markets and the sales of their collections through our webshop and in our showroom.
9 Ráday utca, 1092 Budapest
+36 20 378 37 95

We are waiting our guests with Hungarian and International cuisine and with wide selection of drinks .
16. Ráday Street 1092 Budapest
+36 1 299 0702

Púder Bar Theatre is a new piece of art in Budapest, in the famous Ráday Street. The art&bar venues are nowdays occupying the city, and they became extremely popular among the youngsters. This new spot would like to offer delicious meals along with tremendous cultural programs for the curious visitors.
8 Ráday Street, 1092 Budapest
+36 1 210 71 68

Drink bar, gyros, escape room , air soft ! But it is winter.., what now?? We are waiting our guests with an ice skating rink , mulled wine  and with great winter atmosphere.
10-12. Ráday Street 1092 Budapest
+ 36 70 402 03 03

The first Persian restaurant in Hungary,which opened in 1995.
21. Ráday Street 1092 Budapest
+36 1 218 0881

Sir William is a friendly atmosphere restaurant and it gives home to the traditional Scottish and to the international kitchen's specialty.
9. Ráday Street1092 Budapest
+36 1 217 6093

Ráday utca 32
Trattoria Restaurant & Cafe expects its dear guests with mediterranean and Hungarian food, selected Hungarian and Italian wines.
16. Ráday Street 1092 Budapest
+36 1 215-2888

I created and protected the Gitison brand. I make electric,jazz and acoustic(classic) guitars since the 80s.
38. Ráday Street 1092 Budapest
+36 30 954 4216
+36 1 215 2526

Bookstore : children's book, toys, paintings, prints, design objects... exhibition.
1092 Budapest, Ráday utca 20.
+36 1 210 4486

Authentic Hungarian cuisine, Live Hungarian and Gypsy Music, Totally non-smoking place, Reservations welcome but not necessary, Michelin Week-End Guide Recommended restaurant
15. Ráday Street 1092 Budapest
+36 1 217 6756

If you want to have a unique cafe, limonade or waffle, come and visit us in Ráday Street!
1092 Budapest, Ráday utca 1-3.
+36 20 279 01 53

The Courtyard Restaurant Darshan is inherently a little different from the usual Budapest world. There are those who discover it Gaudio, others realize the Asian colors, some of them associate with Mexican and South American Indian motifs.
7. Krúdy Gyula Street, 1088 Budapest
+36 1 266 55 41

Fiktív Pub has a long history. Since 2007 they has been operating this place not just as a pub but as a community space. They believe in interactivity, so they have a game where you take pictures then photoshop them and send them to the pub. In every month they draw a winner.
27 Horánszky Street - Krúdy Gyula Street corner, 1087 Budapest
+36 20 286 2118

Lumen Cafe and Bar waits for you with roasted coffees, handcrafted beers, Hungarian wines and delicious meals everyday of the week.
2 Mikszáth Square, 1088 Budapest
+36 1 781 5156

Zappa Cafe wants to serve you on a high standard in a friendly atmosphere. They have a protected 3D wall paint in the Cafe and before Zappa, the famous Tilos az Á operated here. Zappa opened in 2003. They do not promote themselves, the cutomers spread their good name in the world.
2 Mikszáth Square, 1088 Budapest
+36 20 972 1711

Anna Antiques is a realisation and continuation of a childhood dream that started out as a collection of sunshades, antique fly swatters and endless handicrafts - a love and respect for textiles fuelled by a collector's passion.
18-20. Falk Miksa Street, 1055 Budapest
+36 1 302 5461
+36 20 935 0374

The main profile of ARTCORE Antik & Design is discovering, restoring and selling Art Deco and Bauhaus furniture from the 20th century. Numerous unique and fancy items can be found in our local store in Budapest and in our warehouse. Our pieces are restored in a professional and traditional way in order to regain their original glory. Unfortunately, purchasing furniture from our target era is getting more and more difficult; therefore, the professional leader of our company has decided on manufacturing furniture, as well. In case of an order, the customer can choose any lumber, colour and shape.
12 Falk Miksa Street, 1055 Budapest
Visit our elegant store in the heart of Budapest – just a couple of minutes from the Parliament. In our showroom in Falk Miksa street You can take a look of the furniture and accessories of the first half of the XXth century as well as contemporary art pieces.
12 Falk Miksa Street, 1055 Budapest
3 Szent István Street, 1055 Budapest
Bodó Gallery and Auction House is located at 24-26. Falk Miksa street. The store has been operating in a beautiful large retail space since March 2018. The predecessor of the gallery was the Hungarian-French Gallery on the Falk Miksa Street for 18 years. Moving is not just a change of place but a complete renewal of the gallery.
24-26 Falk Miksa Street, 1055 Budapest
This is the first Bask bistro of Budapest!
21 Falk Miksa Street, 1055 Budapest
Unique sorces of canes, folk arts, painting, clocks.
18-20 Falk Miksa Street, 1055 Budapest
The owners, Csaba and Elizabeth Csörge, collectors for 40 years, chose the company name without mock modesty - at the founding in 1989 - with the intention of creating a quality in the Hungarian antique business that has intellectual similarity to the Persian king's richness.
24-26 Falk Miksa Street, 1055 Budapest
6 Falk Miksa Street, 1055 Budapest
This gallery supports the artist of Transilvania. You can find their artifacts.
8 Falk Miksa Street, 1055 Budapest
Europe Gallery is situated in the heart of Art & Antique Street Budapest. As our main profile we offer a diverse range of art pieces from the 17th century to the 1950’s, from paintings of old master’s to classical modern design furniture. One has a passionate for Asian art can also find a large selection of Chinese and Japanese porcelains, bronze and jade pieces on our selfs.
18-20 Falk Miksa Street, 1055 Budapest
Antique furnitures
32 Falk Miksa Street, 1055 Budapest
Welcome to the web-site of Haas Gallery. It's a great pleasure for me to have you as a new guest in my virtual gallery, whether you are a long seen old friend of ours, or just an Internet surfing art fan. Let me give you some introduction words before taking the first glance.
13 Falk Miksa Street, 1055 Budapest
+36 1 302-5337
+36 20 983-7246

“I am one of those lucky people whose job is also their hobby.”
14 Falk Miksa Street, 1055 Budapest
Art of ceramics is perhaps the least discussed topic of the Hungarian History of art.
24-26 Falk Miksa Street, 1055 Budapest
The Kálmán Makláry Fine Arts gallery is dedicated to the artists of the Post-War School of Paris. Especially the Abstract and Surrealist movements with artists like Judit Reigl, Simon Hantai, François Fiedler, Alfred Reth, Endre Rozsda and Victor Vasarely.
10 Falk Miksa Street, 1055 Budapest
It is for nearly twenty years that Mr Tamás Kieselbach has been one of the most significant and determining figures of the Hungarian art market.
5 Szent István Street, 1055 Budapest
The gallery shows mostly modern arts.
30 Falk Miksa Street, 1055 Budapest
Welcome to the Montparnasse Gallery of 1930s Art Deco Furnishing.
10 Falk Miksa Street, 1055 Budapest
The gallery was established in 1993 as a family business, working as a specialist in antique arms and oriental antiques. Since then, the Moró Antik Gallery has steadily grown in all of his fields of interests.
13 Falk Miksa Street, 1055 Budapest
Nagyházi Gallery is one of the most established Hungarian auction houses.
8 Balaton Street, 1055 Budapest
The gallery offers a vast collection of beautiful art nouveau, art deco items and ingenious Bauhaus solutions in edition to the 20th century of Hungarian sculptures and statuettes forming the main profile of our shop. 
22 Falk Miksa Street, 1055 Budapest
28 Falk Miksa Street, 1055 Budapest
We specializes in selling baroque, empire, biedermeier pieces, furnitures, clocks and other antique fixtures and personal articles in original or restaurated condition.
28 Falk Miksa Street, 1055 Budapest
30 Falk Miksa Street, 1055 Budapest
Classic and modern arts. Auctions in every month.
10 Falk Miksa Street, 1055 Budapest
The shop of antique clocks. It was established in 1980.
21 Falk Miksa Street, 1055 Budapest
+36 1 331-1094
Virág Judit Gallery specializes in 19th and 20th century, high quality Hungarian paintings and Art Nouveau Zsolnay ceramics.
30 Falk Miksa Street, 1055 Budapest
Easy and delicious meals with a good atmosphere.
5 Falk Miksa Street, 1055 Budapest
32 Falk Miksa Street, 1055 Budapest
17 Falk Miksa Street, 1055 Budapest
You can find paintings from European artists from the beginning of the 19th century to the middle of the 20th century, works of art – silver, bronze and ivory pieces (the latter one guaranteed with certificate of origin), famous glasses, porcelains, swagger-sticks, fireplace and other clocks and further valuable pieces that not just remind to the old times, but also fit into current modern interior.
24-26 Falk Miksa Street, 1055 Budapest
The Wladis Studio was founded in 1993 under the direction of Vladimír Péter, metalsmith designer and university professor.
13 Falk Miksa Street, 1055 Budapest
11 Liszt Ferenc Square, 1061 Budapest
11 Liszt Ferenc Square, 1061 Budapest
The oldest restaurant in Liszt Ferenc Square.
3 Liszt Ferenc Square, 1061 Budapest
+36 70 639 0094
Cafe Vian is now an institutional place in Budapest. In 2008, a sociological survey tried to answer the following question: In which matters did hungarians’ life change in the last 10 years?
9 Liszt Ferenc Square, 1061 Budapest
+36 1 268 1154

This place waits for you everyday. There are piggies, beefs and poultries. Besides the delicious meals you can hear some fine music and you can sing along if you feel like it! Come and enjoy a musical meal!
7 Liszt Ferenc Square, 1061 Budapest
+36 1 321 02 80

There is a classical bistro in Liszt Ferenc Square, Lisztro Bistro. They change their courses seasonly and offer special wines for you. Come to us with your friends or family and enjoy your stay!
10 Liszt Ferenc Square, 1061 Budapest
+36 1 268 0199

Menza offers so much more than the double treat of coffee and sunbath on the terrace from early spring to late autumn: we are passionate about serving delicious food all through the year. Although the name of the restaurant refers to canteens of the Socialist era, its interrior design and cuisine provides a more sophisticated take on the past that is fine tuned to match contemporary sensibilities.
2 Liszt Ferenc Square, 1061 Budapest
+36 1 413 1482

Porto di Pest waits for you with Hungarian foods, different pizzas, coctails, a beautiful teracce and screens inside and outside as well in Liszt Ferenc Square.
3 Liszt Ferenc Square, 1061 Budapest
+36 1 351 8738
Our company is based on the family undertaking founded by my grandfather in 1920. It operates in the present form since 1995. Our company manufactures, repairs paintbrushes, brushes for manual usage.
1074 Budapest, Dob u. 3.
+36 1 322-73-44
+36 1 478-04-12
+36 20 9358-195

Welcome to our homely hostel with individual art on the walls. We are a small and friendly place, where we give our best to make it comfortable and homely for all our guests.
1061 Budapest, Andrássy út 7.
+36 30 655 04 57

MP System – automatic parking system This is one of the world’s most advanced and the most responsible robot parking system.
60 Akácfa Street, 1073 Budapest
+36 70 3 830 830

Healt and Beauty salon
43. Kertész St. 1073 Budapest,
+36 20/942-72-17
+36 1 413-02-95

Anyám szerint... breakfast,coffe,tea,french toast,milk shakes,strudel,sandwiches,cookies.
25. Wesselényi St. 1077 Budapest,
+36 20 440 0525

The ARAZ Restaurant in district VII of Budapest invites its guests to a gastronomic adventure, which is unique and intensive, and in which the old and the new create an even newer one, which – although does not distance itself from the Hungarian traditional gastronomy - melds the past with the present, and sometimes even with the future, too, by means of the state-of-the-art kitchen technology.
40-42 Dohány Street, 1074 Budapest
+36 1 815 1100

Hungarian handicrafts and souvenirs, production of Hungarian designers.
4. Klauzál St. 1072 Budapest

Kids clothes sell and buy
Nagymező St. 6 1061 Budapest,

The history of our Barber Shops.
11. Dob St. 1074 Budapest

A morning coffe,breafast,sandwiches,salads and cookies.
Király St. 13 1072 Budapest,
+36 20 480 6197
Wellnes face and body treatment.
Síp St. 11. 1075 Budapest,
+36 1 351 6606
Everything about wine.
Erzsébet krt. 34. 1073 Budapest,
+36 20 329 9434 (Farkas Bálint)

Harmony of colors, flavors, and fragrances - quickly and healthily - this Asian cuisine. Buddha Original focuses on these specialties. What we need to know about these cuisines?
46. Teréz krt. 1066 Budapest,
+36 70 670 60 81
When you visit our site, you can rightly hope that your life is enriched for a few moments. Even if you do not have time, or if you are on a diet, our products are also sugar free,so there is no sin to enjoy the sweet moments. 
13. Wesselényi St. 1077 Budapest,
+36 1 787 3842
+36 30 222 3007

cARTc is a non-profit cultural organization based in Budapest, Hungary. It organizes exhibitions, courses fellowships, as well as a residency program for curators.
48-50. Nagytétényi road. 1222 Budapest,
+36 70 360 2253

The recently opened Centrooms House is located on the second floor of a large residential building on the inner courtyard in Budapest.  This friendly guesthouse offers 18 brand new, comfortable rooms that overlook the inner courtyard or the vibrant downtown street. 
44. Rákoczi road 1072 Budapest,
+36 1 787 9613

The Chess Restaurant opened, it’s Your move now! We’ve checked it out for You, where you can spend some pleasant time in the cold winter days, tasting the masterpieces of Italian-French-Hungarian bistro cuisine!
63. Dob St.  1074 Budapest
+36 1 882 3080

Here at Chic we have a wonderful welcoming team ready to pamper you and make you feel special.  We work well together and all share the love and enthusiasm for all aspects of beauty therapy.
Hegedű St. 1061 Budapest,
Pizzeria, spaghetteria, caffetteria, un vero angolo d' Italia, tutti prodotti Italiani.
50. Erzsébet krt. 1073 Budapest,
+ 36 30 619 7857
The coolest four star superior design hotel is located in Budapest's downtown offering 272 rooms - standard, executive, deluxe, suites- reflected by art deco features, perfect harmony and fine elegance combining a modern world of colours and forms.
42-44 Dohány Street, 1074 Budapest
+36 1 815 1000

What is the Cult?
Paulay Ede St. 55 1061 Budapest,
+36 30 791 7165

The best jewish deli in Budapest. Pastrami sandwich, hungarian dishes.
3. Madách Imre St. 1075 Budapest,
+36 30 896 5748

We are a tea & coffee shop in the heart of Budapest city. we offer 120 variety of premium tea for drink and buy and premium coffee and morning breakfast.
47. Wesselényi St. 1077 Budapest,
+36 1 342-2140
+36 30 96-66-851

Delhi Darbar was one of the first Northern Indian Restaurant established on the Gold Coast since 1995. It is run by an Indian family that has called the Gold Coast home for the last 25 years.
54. Dohány St. 1074 Budapest,
+36 1 321 80 92
 +36 1 786 98 53
Welcome to Eitansguesthouse. My name is Eitan Herscovici,the owner. Please let me introduce you to a comfortable and central place while spending a couple of days in Budapest. We are a guesthouse with 11 ensuite rooms of which we offer double,tripple and quad rooms.
Teréz krt. 4. 5th floor 1066 Budapest,
+36 30 954 1472

Hamburgers, BBQ, steaks, salads, sandwiches, shakes.
Kertész St. 48. 1074 Budapest,
+36 1 397-7892
+36 70 208 5551
Mixing ruin pub with culture!
51 Akácfa Street, 1073 Budapest
+36 70 638 5040
+36 1 783 8820

„Frici Papa Kifőzdéje” on Király street welcomes you to try our unique and home style dishes. We have a friendly atmosphere with fair prices, waiting for old guests and a new comers alike.
55. Király St. 1077 Budapest,
+36 1 351-0197

Here you can find the perfect drink for yourself.
25. Nagydiófa St. 1072 Budapest, Nagydiófa u. 25.
+36 30 569 3062
The renewed Gödör Klub still supports contemporary performing arts, the inclusion of people from all social and economic backgrounds and welcomes new young talent. Two stages are available in the flexible inside areas that can be separated by moving walls. In the future it will be possible to hold as much as 4 separate events at the same time.
8-10 Király Street, 1061 Budapest
+36 20 201 3868

The best place for geniuses and for people who has a startup company. We've got everything , chairs, coffee,snack and a fast wi-fi.
13-14. Madách Imre St. 1075 Budapest,
+36 30 998 0011

What does the Hungarian Society for Urban Planning do?
48 Liliom Street, 1094 Budapest
+36 1 215-5794

Jasmin Organics Reference Beauty Salon Established in 2010 in the heart of Budapest (near Liszt Ferenc Square and Andrassy út) Jasmin Signature Spa is the home of Jasmin Organics, the world's most luxurious certified organic skincare range.
38-40 Kertész St. 1073 Budapest,
+36 30 703 2075

Dear customers! We expect to see our old and new customer with a constatnly broadening product range in our shop at 22 Síp Street, District VII, Budapest. The shop is a personal pick- up point as well.
22 Síp Street, 1075 Budapest
+36 28 496-844

Find your perfect eyeglass.
Dob St. 65. 1074 Budapest,
+36 1 352-1391

Seven days a week , a perfect breakfast (French toast,omelette,frankfurter) DISCOUNT with KULTUNIO CARD: 5%
4. Madách Imre place 1075 Budapest,
+36 30 556 70 59
+36 30 231 89 78

Seven days a week literay evenings, alternative theatre performances and concerts are available here.
25. Irányi St. 1053 Budapest,
+36 30 525 1161
Books and unquenchable affection for gastronomy called up this restaurant, where you can enjoy both our passion. The traditional menu and a great selection of drinks varying, books inspired dishes each week.
Dob St. 45. 1074 Budapest,
+36 20 922 7027

Timeless elegancy, adventurous combinations of colors and materials, clear design and excellent quality.
Klauzál tér1. 1072 Budapest,
+36 1 322 7481
+36 20 919 9028

Lazar's - The Art of Hair!
1061 Budapest, Paulay Ede u. 8.
+36 20 348 8481
Here, you can taste the finest british beers at a British Pub.
13. Wesselényi St. 1077 Budapest,
+36 20 326 5115
Vintage and Modern Clothing - LUDOVIKA SHOP
15. Rumbach Sebestyén St. 1075 Budapest,

The “Svejk” restaurant which got its name from an honest fictional Czech soldier has been serving customers for several decades. Svejk was not really a soldier rather a stumbling bumbling simple man.
59/b Király St. 1072 Budapest,
+36 1 322 3278

MassolitBudapest Bookstore and Cafe is an independent place. We specialize in popular and academic titles, mostly at significantly reduced prices. We try to stock books in subjects that are difficult to find in Eastern Europe, including progressive politics, gender studies and Jewish studies. We are also a café, and along with direct trade coffee and specialty tea we serve American style bagels, cookies, brownies, quiches and carrot cake and lots more, baked fresh by our own pastry chef.
30 Nagy Diófa Street, 1072 Budapes
+36 1 788-5292

The mEATing Budapest GastroPub is a great place after a long and tiring day.
Dob St. 53. 1073 Budapest,
+36 1 400 8022

American (traditional), breakfast, britsh, brunch, snack bar, fastfood, sandwiches,
18. Király St. 1061 Budapest
+36 1 266-7001
+36 20 4400525
Hegedűs St. 6 1061 Budapest,
+36 20 222 8555

I am a professional photographer and digital artist living in Sortland, Vesterålen/Norway since 2009. I originaly come from the "Heart of Europe" and "Mother of all cities", beautiful city Prague, capital of the Czech Republic. It has been 12 years since I left my country and start my voyage around Europe, spending time in many different countries (longest stay was 5 years in Germany).
27. Rózsa St. 1077 Budapest,
+36 1 3215527
+36 20 9296636

Traditional Hungarian dishes and a wide selection of the finest domestic wines.
5. Paulay Ede St. 1061 Budapest,
+36 1 266-3227
My aim is to create a style that makes women feel special, and first of all, make them feel a Woman.
1073 Budapest, Kertész u. 40.
+36 30 391 0341

Toast and Beer ! Special handcrafted beers.
52. Kazinczy St. 1075 Budapest,
+36 1 631 5268

Great pub with great atmosphere.
47. Király St. 1077 Budapest,
+36 30 3059 348

Trip organizing and intermediation. You can see Budapest in different point of views with all the sightseeing buses. Hop on and come know our beautiful city!
1052 Budapest, József Attila utca 24.
+36 1 317-7767

Bistro foods,friendly atmosphere, service.
Dob St. 16 1074 Budapest,
+36 20 480 6197
Since April 2014 a new gem dresses up Budapest's downtown: Accent Hotels is opening its 51 room, state-of-the-art and bohemian 3 star hotel. With the dynamism of colours and with its fresh projective geometric elements reflected in the architecture the ROOMBACH Hotel Budapest Center is looking forward for its guests in the hub of Budapest, the infinitive and bustling neighbourhood of Király utca and Madách tér.
14 Rumbach S. Street, 1075 Budapest
+36 1 413 0253

The opening of Szimpla Garden in 2002 has been literally and also symbolically a milestone in the alternative life of Budapest. Converting an old factory into a huge open-air cinema and pub, we were able to create a unique framework for hosting concerts, theatre shows and many different cultural events. Szimpla defines itself as a ’cultural reception space’, indicating our intention to embrace genres and performers off the mainstream, presenting them in an informal atmosphere. Moreover, with constantly supporting initiatives for urban sustainability, Szimpla has been serving as an ultimate incubation house of green ideas from the very beginning.
14 Kazinczy Street, 1075 Budapest
+36 20 261 8669

Traditional Italian coffe.
Wesselényi St. 6 1077 Budapest
+36 1 413 0203

Unique restaurant-café in the heart of the Jewish quarter of Budapest. Live piano music every day, inside garden, traditional hungarian food, creative menu, all day breakfast!
15. Dob Street,1074 Budapestí
+36 1 413 7488

Visszahoztuk az ‘50-’60-’70 évek retró életérzését, hogy egy kicsit kiszakítsunk a szürke hétköznapokból! Hogy mit kínálunk?
7. Rumbach Sebestyén, 1075 Budapest,
+ 36 70 352 36 06

In October, the Szimpla Háztáji is already two years old, it has become a popular place for having breakfast, lunch or coffee or simply a place for relaxing and recharging yourself.
7. Kazinczy St. 1075 Budapest,
+36 1 321 0029

Our prices start from 10EUR / Day
10. Károly krt. 1st floor 1088 Budapest,
+36 1 266 77 74
+36 1 266 77 75

Cloth Store
Paulay Ede St. 18. 1061 Budapest,

A place to hangout! The place where the past meets the future in the present
32. Klauzál St. 1072 Budapest,
+36 30 78 11 232
Thank you for calling on us. We do realise it's the beginning of a special relationship. First of all, let us explain something. What exactly is 'vakvarju'?
7 Paulay Ede Street, 1061 Budapest
+36 1 268 08 88

Established in 2001 in Budapest, Hungary, Yellow Zebra is an American-Hungarian privately owned company focusing mainly on the Hungarian domestic tour industry. We aim to incorporate Western standards within the Hungarian market place.
5. Kazinczy St. 1075 Budapest
+36 1 780-43-92

YKRA was born out of our love for the colourful subcultures of the sixties and seventies, and the ruggedness and durability of mountaneering equipment.
8. Madách Imre 1075 Budapest,
+36 30 2626981

Our team at Bamba Marha has strived for an extravagant style in every aspect since our opening.
3 Deák Ferenc Street, 1052 Budapest
Dreams come true...
13 Deák Ferenc Street, 1052 Budapest
+36 70 318 4324
COS is a fashion brand for women and men who want modern, functional and considered design.
17 Deák Ferenc Street, 1052 Budapest
+36 1 200 2978
ÉS Bisztró is a casual Hungarian-Austrian bistro and steakhouse in the heart of Budapest.
12-14 Deák Ferenc Street, 1052 Budapest
+36 1 429 3990
Established in 1927 by Aldo Furlanetto in Bologna, Furla looks towards its 90th anniversary with a foot grounded in its solid past of time-honored craftsmanship, artisanal expertise, a sense of beauty and innovative designs. Furla stands for quality, colorful creativity, joyfulness and a Contemporary Italian Lifestyle - producing bags, shoes, and accessories for both women and men.
23 Deák Ferenc Street, 1052 Budapest
00 36 70 327 9930
The ability to adapt is essential. Feel ready for every role and situation in new BOSS. #thisisboss
19 Deák Ferenc Street, 1052 Budapest
0036 30 992 5901
When we planed to open Brios, we wanted to have a place that is comfy and feel like home. So now we have the best waiters and waitresses who smile all the time and giving you delicious sandwiches, coffees and cookies. Come home and taste our wide range of delicacies.
16 Pozsonyi Street, 1137 Budapest
+36 1 789 6110
+36 20 392 3447

This brand store (established in 1995) targets a wide range of people with its diversified selection. "Porcelain gourmets" will definitely be able to find the missing puzzle pieces if their Zsolnay collection here, in the shape of a bonbonier, a lampshade or a flowerpot - while those looking for bold colours and graceful lines will find satisfaction in the shape of the eosin products, available in various colours.
11 Pozsonyi Street, 1137 Budapest
+36 1 340 55 68
Kárászy Saloon is a Multi Art Gallery. It's a workroom, concert room, you can see performances, lectures, book presentations or participate in master courses. We offer our Saloon to artists, art-loving people or adventuresome foreigners.
36 (IV floor 2) Pozsonyi Street, 1137 Budapest
+36 30 650 5313
L.A. Bodegita is the coctail king Lajsz András' restaurant and bar. A dream came true with 40 years of profession, Cuban rhythems, agile team and an elegant style. The restaurant has 3 floors, ground floor - coctail and tapas bar for 20 persons, first floor - fine dining restaurant for 50 persons and the cellar - a theater with a bar for 50 persons.
4 Pozsonyi Street, 1137 Budapest

There is a small book shop at the beginning of Pozsonyi Street, it's Láng Téka. The owner is an obsessed bookseller who overstepped from simple book selling with her ideas and actions.
5 Pozsonyi Street, 1137 Budapest
+36 1 340 4023
Noha is a meeting place for different art draughtsmanships, music, exercises and other self-expressions. It's a workroom, where young artists work everyday.
12 Pozsonyi Street, 1137 Budapest
+36 1 788-1099
Pagony wants to serve you with a wide range of high standard child books. There are lots of books and toys for the children in the shop. They opened their store 10 years ago and renovated it in 2012. They have programs and arts and crafts workshops for kids. They want to show the books in a playful way so children would learn lots of things during playtime.
26 Pozsonyi Street, 1137 Budapest
+36 1 239-02-85
The Pozsonyi Kisvendéglő/Restaurant is situated in Budapest, in the XIII. district at the corner of the Pozsonyi and Radnóti street. We are waiting for our guests with various menu offers on weekdays, price: 700 HUF. Our hungarian and national kitchen works from 12:00 to 23:00. Table reservation: 36 1 787 48 77
38 Radnóti Miklós Street, 1137 Budapest
+36 1 787-4877
Stühmer opened its shop in Budapest in 2012. But it has a long past. They offer nostalgic sweets and chocolates. Their products have high standard and they also serve coffee, tea and hot chocolate in the shop.
9 Pozsonyi Street, 1137 Budapest
+36 70 618 12 04
1052 Budapest, Haris köz 1.
Hungarian Handcrafts, toys and usefull articles, made from not treated wood and ceramic-tissue.
3 Haris köz, 1052 Budapest
+36 20 93 49 102
+36 20 916 46 32

Our company produces handwelted men shoes in calf or specal leathers also. We are on the market more than 30 years and our shop is available for more than 5 years in Budapest.
3 Haris köz, 1052 Budapest
+3630 247 7340
+3630 958 4277

Miklos Varga and his craftmanship is well-known across Europe. After he had mastered working with silver, during his 35-year career he became a master in working with precious metals of all sorts and has fashioned uniquely designed and incomparable perfect masterpieces.
6 Haris köz, 1052 Budapest
+36 1 318 4089
Our shop is located in the heart of Budapest’s city centre, under No. 2 and 6, Haris köz. Our customers arrive from all over the world in order to buy from our range of excellent quality hand-made shoes. László Vass, the founder and leader of our shop and workshop, belongs to a generation of shoemakers who were brave and energetic enough to go back to the roots of their craft and revive a rich, old tradition, giving the art of shoemaking new impetus in a new age.
2 and 6 Haris köz, 1052 Budapest
+36-1 780-7418 (Haris köz 6)
+36-1 318-2375 (Haris köz 2.)