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When we planed to open Brios, we wanted to have a place that is comfy and feel like home. So now we have the best waiters and waitresses who smile all the time and giving you delicious sandwiches, coffees and cookies. Come home and taste our wide range of delicacies.
16 Pozsonyi Street, 1137 Budapest
+36 1 789 6110
+36 20 392 3447

This brand store (established in 1995) targets a wide range of people with its diversified selection. "Porcelain gourmets" will definitely be able to find the missing puzzle pieces if their Zsolnay collection here, in the shape of a bonbonier, a lampshade or a flowerpot - while those looking for bold colours and graceful lines will find satisfaction in the shape of the eosin products, available in various colours.
11 Pozsonyi Street, 1137 Budapest
+36 1 340 55 68
Kárászy Saloon is a Multi Art Gallery. It's a workroom, concert room, you can see performances, lectures, book presentations or participate in master courses. We offer our Saloon to artists, art-loving people or adventuresome foreigners.
36 (IV floor 2) Pozsonyi Street, 1137 Budapest
+36 30 650 5313
L.A. Bodegita is the coctail king Lajsz András' restaurant and bar. A dream came true with 40 years of profession, Cuban rhythems, agile team and an elegant style. The restaurant has 3 floors, ground floor - coctail and tapas bar for 20 persons, first floor - fine dining restaurant for 50 persons and the cellar - a theater with a bar for 50 persons.
4 Pozsonyi Street, 1137 Budapest

There is a small book shop at the beginning of Pozsonyi Street, it's Láng Téka. The owner is an obsessed bookseller who overstepped from simple book selling with her ideas and actions.
5 Pozsonyi Street, 1137 Budapest
+36 1 340 4023
Noha is a meeting place for different art draughtsmanships, music, exercises and other self-expressions. It's a workroom, where young artists work everyday.
12 Pozsonyi Street, 1137 Budapest
+36 1 788-1099
Pagony wants to serve you with a wide range of high standard child books. There are lots of books and toys for the children in the shop. They opened their store 10 years ago and renovated it in 2012. They have programs and arts and crafts workshops for kids. They want to show the books in a playful way so children would learn lots of things during playtime.
26 Pozsonyi Street, 1137 Budapest
+36 1 239-02-85
The Pozsonyi Kisvendéglő/Restaurant is situated in Budapest, in the XIII. district at the corner of the Pozsonyi and Radnóti street. We are waiting for our guests with various menu offers on weekdays, price: 700 HUF. Our hungarian and national kitchen works from 12:00 to 23:00. Table reservation: 36 1 787 48 77
38 Radnóti Miklós Street, 1137 Budapest
+36 1 787-4877
Stühmer opened its shop in Budapest in 2012. But it has a long past. They offer nostalgic sweets and chocolates. Their products have high standard and they also serve coffee, tea and hot chocolate in the shop.
9 Pozsonyi Street, 1137 Budapest
+36 70 618 12 04