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Jerusalem Cafe and Tea Shop

Dear customers!
We expect to see our old and new customer with a constatnly broadening product range in our shop at 22 Síp Street, District VII, Budapest. The shop is a personal pick- up point as well.

We offer special Israeli coffees (Semiramis) and teas (Adanim tea) in our Café as well as biscuits and crackers, soft drinks. All products, from our webshop, can be seen and picked-up personally in our Café.

All our products are from Isreli origin: including kosher and mevushal wines, kosher spices for Passover and all year round, olive oils, crackers and biscuits, avocadoil for healthy foods and as well as our sweeteners, recommended for people with diabetes too. This includes Stevia extracts, which is also new in Europe.

Teas and coffees sold in our Café house can be purchased for home enjoyment of Seramis and Adanim. We would like to improve our product range according to customer's demand, which is currently promoted in our newsletter for new and old customers.

We believe that, both our products' quality and our enthusiasm contribute to our increasing number of customers and hope we can welcome you there soon.

Have a nice shopping!

22 Síp Street, 1075 Budapest
+36 28 496-844
Jerusalem Cafe and Tea Shop