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Past Events

Results and success

-    Since July 2009 we have organized more successful events with the cooperation of the shops and with growing participant numbers, discounts, programs and surprises;

-    our thematical street (cluster) has its own logo and t-shirts with this emblems;

-     We appear online on Facebook, Youtube and other social networks. Also our website came out in July 2011;

-     we have a shopping card that gives its owner 5% discount in the participating shops (restaurants, cafes, optical shops, design shops etc.) and it also entitles its owner to park  in a nearby parking house one hour free.

This KIRÁLYUTCA-DESIGNUTCA shopping card is bilingual and it has another function in our partner hotels. In these hotels (it means around 450 rooms) they give this card to their foreign visitors with the room key to use it during their stay. This is an additional service so the guests can buy with 5% discount in the street then when they check out they give back this card to the hotel so the next guest can use it again.

-    The Budapest Turisztikai Hivatal made a 3D map about Király street for the tourist (you can download it from their webpage They financed the printing in 5000 pieces;

-    the cluster applies for tenders of the EU, Budapest capital and other municipalities.

-    the VII. districts’ Municipality opened some of their shops (that were not under legal actions) for the cluster and handed them to us for artistic use for free.

-   KIRÁLYUTCA-DESIGNUTCA Cluster had few really successful days organizing historical walks in the street, also participating on the days of Cultural Heritage Days.  The visitors number grew continuously, more and more listeners joined us and walked with us in our favorite street.  (we are organizing this event again on 17-18 September 2011.).  

-   KIRÁLYUTCA-DESIGNUTCA Cluster made an agreement with operating team of Centrál Passage (8-10. Király street) to use the shops there (it’s about 50 shops);

-   Centrál Passage and KIRALYUTCA-DESIGNUTCA Cluster organized Design Passage during November, the grand opening was on 4th November 2010. (8-10. Király street). The themes of these programs were ecological life and design with the title “Eco Life – City Life”. It lasted a month.

-    The VII. districts’ Municipality fortified the security of the district for the safety of the citizens.

-    Repairing the pavement of Király street, reconstructing the playground of Király and Kazincy corner (it’s in motion in the VII. districts’ Municipality),  planting flowers, cleaning of the streets, placing more trash cans etc.

-     the cluster organized a meeting on 5th January 2011 between the VI., VII. districts’ Municipalities and the Capital’s Municipality. The participating members agreed that Király street and its vicinity will be a highlighted project in the next 5 years and it will grow so they established KultUnio – Budapest Multicultural QuarterFoundation. This organization covers the area bordered by Andrássy street – Teréz/Erzsébet boulevard – Rákóczi street – Károly boulevard.

- we had a spring opening on 21th April with the initiation of the big firewall on Kazinczy and Király street corner. Now it’s one of the biggest and most beautiful painted firewalls in Budapest.