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V4 Conference

Central European Heritage

Cultural Development Possibilities in Historical Cities

11-13 April, 2014

Budapest, Erzsébet tér, Akvárium Klub, Hungary


The international conference for Central European Heritage - Cultural Development Possibilities in historical cities - will be organized between 11-13 April, 2014, by the KultUnio Foundation with the support of Visegrad Fund. In addition to the professional program the tourism and cultural supply of Budapest will be presented, within the framework of sightseeing tours, along with the accompanying event of a Cultural Fair organized in the heart of the city.

Main topic and aim of the conference

In several European countries, mainly in the Visegrad Four (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia) the historical towns - developed in the 19th century - face the similar city-development problems. During that period tenement houses, trading quarters, banks, financial institutions, restaurants, market halls, cafes, public transportation network were developed. Recently most of the heritage buildings lost their original function, became empty, got damaged or ruined. It is hard for city-leaders to fill them with life and economic activity taking into account the heritage protection point of view. Therefore an important question is how to use these buildings of the downtown areas in an economically sustainable way, and how to leverage their value successfully along with the preservation.

The event will provide an opportunity for experts from the 4 Visegrad countries and for other international professionals to present benchmarks and to share relevant experience about challenges in city development. By the conference we would like to offer help to civil organizations, municipalities, and for-profit organizations (e.g. tourism suppliers) to find the best solutions relating to the utilization of heritage buildings, empty shop areas, public squares. We aim to provide a wide range of possibilities for the mentioned three sectors to collect information about trends and build relevant international relationships, resulting boosting economic activity and cultural life in downtown areas.

Our aim is to build a tradition, providing an opportunity for stakeholders to discuss relevant issues concerning the topic in the frame of a yearly organized conference.

Based on the topic of the conference the following professional groups are invited to the event:

  • Municipalities
  • Institutions of municipalities working on the concerned field, such as city development, heritage management, supervision of public premises, etc.
  • Professional organizations (cultural, tourism, trading)
  • Civil organizations
  • Higher education (researchers, students)
  • Service providers