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Three Weeks Gallery

It's not a secret. The address of the gallery was the inspiration for the name (Három Hét means 'three seven', but in Hungarian it can also be understood as 'three weeks'). Later we played with the numbers three and seven and decided to use them in the profile of the gallery. From this came the idea that at 7pm on the third day of the third week of every month something unprecedented will happen at Három Hét Gallery. The exhibition space is filled with the works of the representatives of applied photography, applied graphic design and Errorism photography. Who are they? On one hand, they provide our daily visual experience with their works in the most sophisticated magazines in Hungary. On the other hand, they are the representatives of a new artistic style in photography. We can see their works in humorous commercials where they probably work behind the camera or the computer. The artists of Errorism photography are the representatives of the newest, most honest, and most interesting artistic development of the 21 century. They undertake or use the 'errors' in the photos. They make loveable art and their quality and message is immersive. The spontaneity and in certain cases the deliberate use of 'errors' is enviable. The three 'pillars' of the gallery are the exhibition space, the photo studio, and the open studio. The open studio is the space for creation and exhibition. It is also a space which offers the opportunity to establish and form a community space. It is one of the first galleries which opened in the cultural city centre of Újbuda. Három Hét Gallery has many surprises for its visitors. There are performances, photography and graphic design shows, projections, as well as video installations. The only thing to remember is that there is always something going on in the gallery on the third day of the third week of every month at 7pm in Bartók Béla st. 37... and of course at other times as well.

37 Bartók Béla Street, 1114 Budapest
+36 70 866 4222
Tue-Fri 11.00-15.00, Sat 11.00-19.00
Three Weeks Gallery