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The gallery's mission is to promote the area's emerging contemporary artists and to integrate them into the international art scene by continuing its increasingly active presence at foreign art fairs, and by forgoing partnerships with other international galleries. The gallery’s newly created Panel Contemporary (project room) aims to provide an innovative platform for independent art works and focus on new tendencies.
25 Bartók Béla Street, 1114 Budapest
+36 1 209 36 35, +36 20 212 92 29

Fiók is an alternative design stationary shop offering a wide selection of art, technical, design and office products.
1 Csíky Street, 1111 Budapest
+36 70 938 6237

Come to the heart of the 11. districts into the wonderful world of Gross Arnold. He was a graphic artist and copper engraver. Until you have a look at his wonderful work you can also have a coffee and some very tasteful pastries. Come and get closer to his art and have some knowledge about copper engraving.
46 Bartók Béla Street, 1111 Budapest
+36 70 338 7001

The legendary cafe reopened its doors in 2010. This was the main hangout where Karinthy, Kosztolányi, Déry and other iconic art figures spent their time and composed some of their art work. So come and feel this atmosphere!
36 Bartók Béla Street, 1111 Budapest
+36 1 279 0290

Part of the ground floor has two main functions : + book exchange site cafe . This system is a non-profit after years of successfully operating in many parts of the world ' takeone - leaveone ' book swapping improved system . The gallery section - and has been in the coffee shop - works photo gallery, 3-4 alternating weekly exhibitions.
29 Bartók Béla Street, 1114 Budapest
+ 36 20 456 55 07

11-13 Bartók Béla Street, 1114 Budapest
We provide you tailor-made solutions to your corrective needs, both in eye examination and in the selection of your glasses, contact lenses and sunglasses that fit your style and dreams. We await you with a wide choice of domestic and international products.
30 Bartók Béla Street, 1111 Budapest
+36 30 416 4990

The biggest child bookstore is waiting for you! The store is almost 200 sqm and there are lots of books and toys for the children. We opened our store in 2014 at the Buda side.
5 Bartók Béla Street, 1114 Budapest
+36 70 88 31 888

2 Bartók Béla Street, 1111 Budapest
+36 20 313 2000
It's not a secret. The address of the gallery was the inspiration for the name (Három Hét means 'three seven', but in Hungarian it can also be understood as 'three weeks'). Later we played with the numbers three and seven and decided to use them in the profile of the gallery. From this came the idea that at 7pm on the third day of the third week of every month something unprecedented will happen at Három Hét Gallery.
37 Bartók Béla Street, 1114 Budapest
+36 70 866 4222

Close or open your day at us! We serve croissants, macchiato, bagel, ham and eggs in the morning. Then you can find ciabatta, caprese salad, raspberry, elder and levendule syrup with club sandwiches before noon.
corner of Bukarest and Ulaszlo Street, 1116 Budapest
+361 209 3070

VITRIN is the brainchild of Zoltán Orbán and Krisztián Szetei, founders of the Solinfo design dealership and Dóra Fónagy, a Budapest-based designer and architect.
20 Bartók Béla Street, 1111 Budapest
+36 70 3166329

Wine and Crafts Shop Workroom Gallery
8 Bartók Béla Street, 1111 Budapest

7 Móricz Zsigmond Square, 1114 Budapest
+36 70 509 5110