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The Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Trade Unit, respectively. III . Retail, Commercial Services Division deals with the main shopping street, urban management idea of creating more than 10 years. The reason, emptying the city center, the proliferation of closed stores, primarily attributable to the effect of the newly opened shopping malls, hypermarkets, shopping greenfield hood. The capital has been a problem for the shops are losing trade, and not to help in the development of commercial functions in the territory of the capital of an information map. Because the problem is not unique, last year, we took a study trip to Milan, Italy:

Confcommercio Milano is a business organisation that rapresents companies operating in the commerce, tourism, services and professions sectors (tertiary sector).

Our organistation brings together over 40.000 businesses that employ 300.000 people.

It plays a key economic, social and cultural role in the development, growth, representation and protection of enterpreneurship in the area.




Our office studies, assesses and proposes projects and initiatives of interest to the member associations, providing support and tools targeting development and member loyalty.

The department is divided in six areas:

Associations network;

Associations development;

Trade Associations coordination;

Urban and regional planning;

Assistance centre.


The activities of Street Retailers Association is directed to the production of promotional and developement initiatives to improve the qualification of the district and the businness.

The initiatives are developed in line with the local context.


We also have a Safaguard project: The «Unità reati predatori» it’s a Police team that works toghether with retailers in order to prevent and suppress the petty crime in Milan (burglary, robbery, fraud and pickpocketing).

Through a connection WhatsApp (group) the team listens to the warnings and pleas for help retailers and intervenes.


Network Department provides continous updates and information via its communication tools: