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In Ráday Street most of the restaurants have long past, one of the oldest offers traditional Hungarian food and international courses. There are Italian, Steakhouse, Persian, Spanish, Indian and many Hungarian restaurants if you would like to try some extraordinary foods. You can also find famous art galleries, book stores and theatres in the street besides the restaurants. Culture and Time of high standard are the main features of the “Ráday kultucca”. Ráday Soho Association was established in 2009 with 23 members. For years they have been working on the popularization of Ráday Street and they offer many many programs for the visitors. As the construction of Metro Line 4 has finished, the entrance of Ráday Street is more beautiful than ever. Visit their festivals and programs they will worth your time! Something always happens here!

Our Mission

There is a growing cultural and gastronomic offer welcome to our visitors, which we want to further expand the spectrum to acting in its becoming a habit!