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You ask. I will answer.

This revolutionary new technique of language acquisition is based on a method that strictly follows the steps of native language acquisition, i.e. the introduction of listening, speaking, writing and grammar.

The main principle of the technique is a directed communicational structure of questions and answers during which the students interactively use the online video and audio materials and e-books.

The real keystone of the process is the E-Talking Channel™, an online language acquisition application providing a monitored video and audio connection between students and questioners for daily practice and progress.


Let’s study the way we did as children

Children think about their environment in a sincere and truthful manner. They try to understand the way the world around them works – at first they observe and listen to the communication of the adults then they ask a lot of questions to find out the details. We went through this as children and can go through it as parents, too.

The way we think is built up of the answers we got to our questions. Just as our thinking gets more and more sophisticated, we can use our mother tongue more and more elaborately and self-confidently day by day.

The technique of language acquisition and the way it works with the mother tongue is built up of questions and answers, focuses on listening and speaking, and only after that comes the understanding of writing and grammar.