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The cafés and restaurants in Liszt Ferenc Square are not night clubs, they represents secure and time of high standard for the tourists and locals too. The square famous for its gastro culture and you can find here the famous Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music.

For 12 years Broadway Association has been working to suit the needs of Liszt Ferenc Square’s visitors. They would like to color the grey common days, want to make people smile and happy and bringing some culture into their life. It’s like that a long time in other big cities like Rome, Paris, Barcelona, Prague, Wien and London. They want to save all the buildings and public spaces in the Square and also they would like to create new value, develop the environment so people has a clear, secure, ordered place to have fun and enjoy culture.

For their results they were awarded with „Budapestért” prize and they are very proud of it!

Our Mission

We want to do a little more color to the gray of everyday life, a lot of smiles, fun and culture to take in people’s lives. Restaurants, cafes, safe and pleasant time working the Liszt Ferenc Square offer both tourists and the local population.