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The biggest difference between traditional and dual-system training, that students can apply their  theoretical knowledge at the workplace.

Student who participant in a dual education also take part in the university education, on the other hand, spend a practice time in an enterprise environment.

Therefore, they acquire skills which are required to the job (ie. management skills, communication and project management skills), they get to know the culture of the company, and they have to socialize.

This ensures that participants in the dual training system become a competitive employee who is able to carry out a  complete (full value) job.

The duration of training is 7 semesters, ie 3,5 years, ie a total of 26 weeks per academic year to spend at school and 22 weeks, followed by a full semester internship dual education at the company. During this time, besides theoretical knowledge you can gain work experience in dual education at the company.

Get practical knowledge of trade, services, marketing and management field. From the first day, you are responsible for organizing.

We have already take part in the program, and we hope that more people will participate in this dual education. It has great potential.

For more information about the dual education: http://www.dualisdiploma.hu/index